Prof. Harsha Ratnaweera


Ratnaweera has a doctorate on wastewater coagulation mechanisms and confirms that it is only logical to anticipate substantial savings and better results by including the most critical parameters in dosage estimate. DOSCON is therefore the long awaited solution, where synergy in control engineering and process engineering is offered to wastewater treatment plants. He was the Director of Innovation at the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) and is currently the Professor on Water and Wastewater Engineering at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. He is the innovator and Technical Director of DOSCON

Email:, tel: +47 9822 7777


教 授在污水絮凝机理方向获得博士学位,他指出只有将重要的参数纳入到絮凝剂剂量预测中才可实现絮凝剂用量的显著节省和更好处理结果。因此,对于污水处理 厂,DOSCON正是期待已久的整合了控制工程和工艺工程的最佳解决方案。他曾担任挪威水研究院(NIVA)创新部主任,现在是挪威生命科学大学水和污水 处理工程方向的教授,以及DOSCON公司创新与科技部主任。

Email:, 电话: +47 9822 7777