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Installation of DOSCON at Drammen WWTP in Norway

Significant savings

Significant savings on coagulant costs. Savings as high as 30% depending on the size, instrumentation and current dosing systems.

Significant saving on sludge management/disposal costs due to the reduction of Al/Fe-containing sludge. In many cases this will represent the doubling of savings on coagulants.

Annual coagulant consumption (kg/year) and the annual chemical cost (NOK /year), from the year 2008 to 2011. The WWTP dose system was used during 2008, and DOSCON was used from 2009.

Environmental protection

Minimise frequency and amplitude of poor treatment peaks – improved water quality.

Reduce sludge disposal – reduce climate emissions due to reduced chemical production and transportation.

Optimise subsequent treatment processes, due to more predictable and even effluent quality.

Sludge reduction at NRA WWTP since installation of Doscon in 2009.


NRA site at Lillestrøm, Norway. Wastewater treatment plant
Haining No. 2, China. Drinkingwater treatment plant.