Basic principles

Estimation of the optimal coagulant dosage is complicated and strongly depends on various parameters in a wastewater treatment process. Most of these parameters vary rapidly during a day. And the coagulant demand depends on flow, particles, phosphates and pH, etc.

It is well known that the parameters in wastewater do not change proportionally to each other, because they are dependent on internal activities of an industry, weather, human activities, and on various incidents, which are sometimes unpredictable. It is therefore impossible to achieve an optimum dosing simply based on flow- or time proportional dosing.

Thus it is logical to obtain more accurate estimates if you consider several of these parameters when defining the dosage. If you use only a flow proportional dosing, you may either have to overdose at times to secure good treatment efficiencies or else the efficiencies will be of variable quality.

DOSCON estimates the optimum coagulant dosage based on real-time, direct and indirect measurement of several parameters, and therefore superior to any other system available.

DOSCON is your solution to secure a better and more even effluent quality (blue circles in the figure) compared to poorer conventional dosing (red circles in the figure).


DOSCON is easily installed on top of the existing plant controller system. It is physically mounted into a 19” rack and interfaced to existing sensors and actuators with industry standards. DOSCON interfaces most industry standard controllers.

DOSCON systems normally interface with the plant’s SCADA system to receive the real-time signals (turbidity/suspended solids, pH, conductivity, temperature and colour/ortho-phosphates, etc) and sends a signal back to it to control the dosing pumps. DSOCON can also incorporate all or additional sensors directly and can also function as a stand-alone control unit.

After physical installation, the system will run for some weeks to gather plant data and characteristics of its in-feeding environment. The optimal controller is then automatically estimated and starts operation.