DOSCON Controller

The core product, DOSCON, is a complete solution offering an optimal coagulant dosage controller added on top of the existing plant control system. DOSCON reads a number of water quality sensors and controls coagulant dosing in an optimal way. The system operates in waste water as well as drinking water treatment plants.

Doscon controller installed at WWTP in Norway

DOSCON reduces coagulants consumption. Thus, chemical cost is lowered and less sludge reduces subsequent handling costs. DOSCON assures an even effluent quality to improve the environment and follow public regulations. Less coagulants/sludge reduces emissions to water/ground as well as climate emissions from coagulant production and transportation.

Real-time measurements of water quality from sensors installed at the WWTP

Plant engineering

Trouble shooting services

DOSCON has an integrated Web-SCADA system which provides access to authorised plant personal and other resource persons to monitor the process from anywhere in the world. This enables a cost-efficient access to high-end specialists to provide guidance and troubleshoot independently on the plant location. The  concept is installed with adequate cyber-safety standards. Doscon may therefore enter service agreements, backing up your local process operators with world class expertise when required.